About me

My name is Ricardo Perez. I was born in 1955, and because of my parents' professions moved around a lot throughout the world before settling here in Chile. I am a veterinarian and have operated a practice for natural healing procedures for many years. I have been working with QUANTEC since 2002.

Since starting to work with QUANTEC, much has developed very positively in my practice; I am grateful for the development of this device, and would like to do something in return by offering on this website the opportunity to find out what is possible with QUANTEC in practice and in itself.

I greatly value the Internet. Because I live in the middle of the Chilean pampas, I am rather cut off from the outside world, but the Internet enables me to take part in everything, and provides me with practically all the information that I need.

I am always happy to find a good website, a website which contains the information I am looking for in a clear and appealing way.

I therefore hope to make this website into such a place.

Ricardo Perez

To avoid SPAM please follow this instruction to obtain my email-adress:

"ric" - and then the sign for "at" - followed by: "my-quantec.cl"